Treatments for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a special period in woman’s life. Contradictory to general opinion, not all women feel beautiful at that time of their life. The skin changes and its condition gets worst. 
In this extraordinary period, the woman’s body requires special care, so she could quickly get back in shape after birth. The most important thing when we select the treatments is to make sure that they are safe for the mother and the baby. The best formulas are these, that contain only natural ingredients.
The female body constantly changes. One of the basic problems are swollen and heave legs. This is caused by slower circulation of blood and lymph. There is a perfect remedy for that – delicate feet massage, that brings relief and minimize swallowing. The woman feels much better and this definitely makes the baby feel better too.

Many women also suffer from back pains. There is common believe that pregnant women should not take back massages. It is not true. Of course, strong techniques are out of the question, but a massage done with gentle but firm moves can bring a relief to a hurting back. During the massage, the woman lies on her back on on the sides.   

We offer the following procedure for pregnant women (safety is confirmed by doctors' opinions):

  • manicure + scrub + hands massage,
  • pedicure + scrub + feet massage,
  • hybrid manicure, pedicure,
  • SPA treatment for hands/feet,
  • lymphatic drainage of legs – to help with heavy legs,
  • microdermabrasion, cavitation scrub, oxybrassion,
  • face treatments: Thalion Intense Nutrition, Maria Galland Moisturizing Cocoon, Brightening Cocoon,
  • Intraceuticals (moisturizing),
  • lymphatic drainage, relaxing face massage,
  • eyelashes extensions,
  • relaxing full body/partial massage,
  • neck massage,
  • hindu head massage,
  • stray tanning.

After-pregnancy treatments aim at bringing your body and skin to their previous condition. These days woman don't need to wait long to get back in shape. Cosmetology and cosmetic technology created a lot of opportunities to speed up that process. In our center we offer many safe treatments that bring fast results. They stimulate the skin and tissues under the skin.
All treatments from our offer are suitable for women after pregnancy. The type and amount of treatments is individually adjusted to the needs of a woman. It depends on the type of the problem and how long ago dis she gave birth. We choose treatments to provide the best results in the optimal time. To select procedures for you and get all information, you can schedule a free consultation in our Center.

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