Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine
Our Beauty Center is an exclusive salon, that offers aesthetic medicine procedures that bring back the young appearance of our face and body, remove beauty defects and complexes. It is very important to us that all customers, even the most demanding, are 100% satisfied. Thus, we use the newest devices and our experts are certified professionals in their fields. We can offer our customers safe procedures and the most spectacular effects.

Our professionalism and good prices set us aside from all competitors.

We constantly broaden our offer of aesthetic medicine procedures to offer our customers the newest and most advanced solutions on a high level.

Our offer includes:

Slimming/removing fatty tissue


moisturizing the skin

Photodepilation IPL+RF

IPL+RF Photodepilation is one of the most modern methods of getting rid of unwanted hair. Hair removal is done with an IPL laser that uses light impulses to remove the hair follicles. Because we work on ... więcej

No-needle mesotherapy

No-needle mesotherapy is a modern, non invasive treatment for skin rejuvenation, as well as cellulite and fat reduction. It is an excellent alternative for conventional, needle mesotherapy. It uses the ele... więcej

Needle mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy Needle mesotherapy is a skin biorevitalizing method through administration of biologically active substances e.g. vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hialuron acid and many other. ... więcej

Osocze bogatopłytkowe - mezoterapia

OSOCZE BOGATOPŁYTKOWE (KEYMED) Zabieg z wykorzystaniem osocza bogatopłytkowego jest uznawany za jeden z najbezpieczniejszych zabiegów z zakresu medycyny estetycznej z uwagi na biokompatybilność  i... więcej


Dermafrac PAINLESS needle mesotherapy, that gives amazing rejuvenation and firmness effects. DermaFrac™: Is as effective as fractional laser without special anesthetic and for less money. The s... więcej

Medical scrubs

  Medical scrubs   An important advantage of medical peelings is their effectiveness in fighting diseased skin lesions (such as acne, inflammation, or discoloration). Based on na... więcej

Hyperhydrosis treatment

Hyperhydrosis treatment   For the treatment of local hyperhidrosis we use Botox, which is  extremely effective in this  case. Excessive sweating is caused by the same factors as the ... więcej

Hair loss treatment

Lifting/Restoring skin firmness

Removing wrinkles

Acne treatment

Acne treatment The light healing system has amazing results with acne treatment, even inflammatory acne.           Acne occurs as a result of hair folli... więcej

Removing cellulite

Removing scars and birthmarks

Removing stretch marks

Removing/minimizing discolorations

Enlarging/improving lips

Ujędrnianie piersi (en)

Bosom care This kind of treatments was invented especially to take care of the most delicate parts of the female body. The bosom requires special attention due to the delicate skin and limited ... więcej

Face reshaping

Procedures for eyes area

Cosmetics sale

In our salons you can buy professional cosmetics of renowned brands: Maria Galland Thalion Revitalash Valmont Secret Soap Store... więcej

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