ZAFFIRO – sapphire energy helps us fight the time! It is a breakthrough in aging prevention. It removes sagging skin instantly.


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What is Zaffiro thermo-lift?

Zaffiro is a safe and non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that rejuvenates and firms the face, as well as our body skin.  Zaffiro® uses infrared radio frequency (IR) waves with a specially selected frequency. The heat causes the collagen fibers to contract and regain their youthful elasticity. The skin becomes more elastic and the wrinkles are smoothed. This safe, non-invasive treatment that stops and even reverse sagging process, is exactly what we need to fight the unavoidable aging process. 

What are the results of Zaffiro?

Due to stimulating the already existing collagen fibers and synthesis of the new ones, Zaffiro®  instantly increases the durability and density of the skin. It eliminates face and neck skin sagging, lifts the sagging cheeks, smooths the nasolabial folds and wrinkles, improves the face oval. Moreover, Zaffiro®:

•    Visibly firms the tummy skin (also with stretch marks) of women who have recently gave birth.

•    Removes sagging skin from the inside of the arms and thighs and reshapes the area right above the knee.

•    Improves the skin elasticity on the cleavage  and has a positive impact on the appearance of breasts damaged by the aging process.


What is the therapy scheme?

The amount of treatments needed to achieve the effect depends on the skin and its quality. The therapy starts with a consultation with a doctor, who evaluates the skin condition and client's individual needs. Usually the whole treatment takes from 4 to 6 sessions focusing on the face and neck and 8 for the stomach, arms and thighs. For the patients with minimal aging skin changes, even 1 session may be enough to see the results.


How does ZAFFIRO WORK: it uses infrared radiation IR with the wave length 750-1800 nm  emitted by a head made of precious sapphire crystal. The waves gradually and evenly heat deep skin layers up to 65°C, while the external skin layer are being cooled before and after the IR emission.

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