Secrets of Beauty Center introduced a new line of cosmetics to the salons.

Visible aging signs under control

Beauty is a global concept. Valmont – Swiss expert in the anti-aging cosmetics, focuses on taking care of places, where aging symptoms are the most visible: face, cleavage, hands and hair.

VALMONT Beauty Ritual – a specialty of our center, a program of treatments can be adjusted to the individual needs of a customer and her skin type.

VALMONT line offers three levels of treatments:

  • FAST TREATMENT – high efficiency in the shortest possible time
  • FULL TREATMENT – this treatment has better effects due to the full use of collagen mask
  • INTENSIVE TREATMENT – a true beauty feast. It starts with a special ritual, that relaxes face muscles and provides better effects of VALMONT treatment

We offer:


Dry skin can happen to anyone, no matter what the skin type is. Skin dehydration increases with age and causes faster aging. Every day the wrinkles caused by dehydration are getting bigger and more visible. The "Source of hydration" treatment reverses those changes. The procedure works as a moisturizing bath, it gives water to your thirsty skin. Properly hydrated skin regenerates, becomes more firm, wrinkles are smoothed. This treatment makes the skin fresh a spring morning.

Fast treatment 30 minutes

In the shortest possible amount of time, this procedure visibly reduces skin dehydration (stiffness, discomfort).

Full treatment 55 minutes

Due to moisturizing massage and the use intense mask, that restores proper skin hydration, wrinkles caused by dehydration are smoothed, the skin is firm and glows.

Intensive treatment 70 minutes

It is the only treatment that uses MOISTURIZING BOOSTER procedure to restore skin hydration. It also uses the power of two hyaluron acids.



With time all skin imperfections become more visible. We cannot avoid wrinkles and loss of firmness, we can minimize them. To postpone or to stop aging symptoms VALMONT brand used all knowledge from cosmetology area and created Ultimate firmness treatment. It has intense anti-wrinkle and firmness effect.

Fast treatment 30 minutes

A short program that owes its efficiency to AWF lifting massage. 
Full treatment 65 minutes

Due to focusing on areas that are most delicate and age quickly, this treatment restores firmness of the skin and makes the skin visibly smoother.

Intensive treatment 90 minutes

INTENSIVE LIFTING TREATMENT, lifting massage, collagen face mask… make the skin look an feel ultimately young! The perfect treatment that brings the best, long-lasting lifting effects and improves skin density.


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